Franklin Wrap
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The Franklin Wrap Process

Franklin Wrap is easy. In fact, it typically takes about six minutes to prepare a casket. Here's the step-by-step process to follow:


1. Place one sheet of Franklin Wrap on top of Transport Tray. Just follow preprinted guidelines. In this case we have done it on a cart. Some lifts will accommodate the whole procedure right on the lift. (Click on photo for detailed view)

2. Place casket on top.

Franklin Wrap on top of Transport Tray
3. Fold up short end.
Step 3
4. Bring wrap over casket.
Bring wrap over casket.

5. Fold ends as shown below:

Folding Ends Folding Ends Folding Ends

6. Apply heat. Keep heat gun moving at all times. Start at one end and continue around casket. Press wrap together with gloved hand to seal all seams. A perfect seal is not required in this step. It is also not necessary to remove all wrinkles as the wrap tightens as it cools.
(Click on photo to enlarge)

Heating the Franklin Wrap
7. Apply wrap tape. Put on one piece along the long seam. Place two pieces on each end using an X pattern. Make sure all seams are sealed. If a hole should develop during the heating process just patch it with tape. It is not necessary or advisable to heat tape.
Applying wrap tape


8. Apply filter. Cut hole to match size of hole in filter. The filter should be placed on a smooth clean surface towards the top of the casket. Press firmly.

Filter Filter Filter

Process complete. The total elapsed time is approximately six minutes.

Wrapped casket