Franklin Wrap
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Public Relations

The following information is here to help you to better inform your families, staff and funeral directors as to why your Mausoleum has adopted the Franklin Wrap process as part of your entombment procedure.

Information to share with your families:

One point we make with inquisitive families is this: After many years of experience with Mausoleum Entombments we have noticed that no matter how much care we take in cleaning the crypt chambers prior to entombment; as time goes by a certain amount of cement dust does accumulate. Due to the properties of cement this has a deteriorating effect. We take our responsibilities very seriously and feel better taking this extra measure to ensure complete protection for your investment.

Information to share with your funeral directors:

Here is a sample of a memo we use at Franklin Memorial Park:

"To fulfill our promise of clean, dry above ground entombment without the concerns associated with earth burial, Franklin Memorial Park has always taken advantage of new ideas and technologies in Mausoleum Construction and Entombment Procedures.

Once again Franklin Memorial Park has decided to utilize the latest advancement in the entombment procedure. This additional step consists of placing a transparent protective wrap around the casket prior to entombment. By placing this patented ventilated, protective covering around the casket, we can assure complete protection of our families investment.

This service is provided to our families at no additional charge. This is just one more step we take to provide our families with the best service possible.

Directors, please plan on spending an additional five or six minutes at the Mausoleum.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter."